Dreamweaver Assignment

This was my first ever big project created for school back in 2012 in TriOS College, It is a site made completely from Dreamweaver using HTML and CSS.
It contains 2 custom flash ads, Embedded Youtube video and changing backgrounds per page.
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Read Between The Vines

This was a Project for a fictitious vineyard company website, that features a Responsive design, PHP Contact form and a user login in & out form using PHPMyAdmin
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Calendar Assignment

This was a the First project I did in class a HTML Calendar, It has a Canadian Military Theme and also features a Semi-Responsive design along with some HTML Transitions when going from month to month starting June 1944 until the end of the war in 1945.
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Nexus 6 Web Ad

This was a Simple Ad using Edge Animate displaying a Nexus 6 phone Ad on the top right side.
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Web Composite

This was a project that featured Page animations that brought content onto the page, a custom HTML email newsletter that gets auto sent when the button is clicked, It also features a flash animated Ad with a Mute/Unmute button scripted with Action Script.
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